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Q: How old do I have to be to get a tattoo/piercing?

A: The law states that you have to be a minimum of 16 years old to obtain a body piercing (not including studs/ear lobes) and 18 years old to obtain a tattoo. So, if you are lucky enough to look under 21, I will require ID. There are NO exceptions to these age limits & I will not tattoo/pierce anyone who looks too young & cannot produce suitable ID! Please note: Parents are not a form of I.D.

Q:Does getting a Tattoo hurt?

A: Yes, being tattooed does hurt. The degree of discomfort will vary depending on where the tattoo is being done and the individuals pain threshold. Being tattooed is unlikely to be agony though and I can advise you on the expected level of discomfort.

Q: How much will my tattoo cost?

A: Unlike many studios, I do not charge an hourly rate unless your having tribal/polynesian work.  I price per piece based on size, location, detail and that price is then fixed.  Even if I break your piece down to session work, the agreed price is what you will pay. I NEVER increase the cost once agreed. So work is quoted on an individual basis.

Q: How long will it take to heal?

A: This again depends upon the work you have had done. Your tattoo should be healed within 10 - 14 days.

Q: What if I have my own design?

A: Custom work is what I love. Bring me your idea/design and I will turn that into a stunning tattoo for you.

A: A comprehensive aftercare sheet will be given to you before you leave the studio (if I forget, just ask). This will inform you of all you need to know on how to ensure your tattoo/piercing heals properly. If you need additional information, just ask and we will advise you accordingly

A: It is YOUR responsibility to inform me of any condition that may cause a problem if you are getting a tattoo. You should not get a tattoo if you are pregnant or breast feeding, if you will be going anywhere hot/sunny shortly after your tattoo is done (exposure to sunlight will affect healing), if you have a heart condition or blood based disease. Basically, if you are unsure, ask!

A: If you are interested in getting a tattoo or piercing, contact me & I will do all I can to help you make the right decision!.